Returning Noh Alam Shah keen on bringing young Indonesian players to Singapore

Noh Alam Shah wants to bring some of Persib's top young players to Singapore. He wants to introduce modern football to his "little brothers" from Persib.

"In my next few months in Singapore, I would like to bring some players, month by month," said the mercurial forward.

"I can show how football in Singapore operates.

Despite the bigger following in Indonesia Noh Alam sees further benefits for the young talent in Singapore.

"Of course it's different," he admitted.

"We [Singapore] aren't good technically, but we have the facilities, tactics, so we can learn from that.

"From school and how to handle the media, how to handle ourselves and our nutrition. When it comes to all that, Singapore top 'lah'!

"In Indonesia it still depends on the field, character and passion."

In return, 'Along' hopes that some Young Lions can also play in Persib.

"And I also have access to the national team," he added.

"I hope that Persib can give our young players a chance."

'Along' is still uncertain how many players he will bring, citing the management policy of Persib.

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