Rage of Bahamut is Top Grossing on iOS and Android App Charts

rage of bahamut icon

Cygames Inc. and DeNA are announcing today that their social card battle title for iOS, Rage of Bahamut has reached number one on the US top grossing app chart. This makes the title a cross platform success, as the Android version has been number one on Google Play’s top grossing chart for over six weeks.

Last week we noted that the iOS version of the game was rising pretty steadily up the charts, so this isn’t entirely a surprise. But it certainly marks a great milestone for both Cygames and DeNA to have the top grossing title on both major smartphone platforms. DeNA’s representative director and president, Isao Moriyasu, commented on this in the announcement:

Having reached the number-one spots on both Google Play and the App Store, Cygame’s Rage of Bahamut is officially America’s number one mobile app. […] This achievement clearly shows that truly compelling game designs can be enjoyed by people across cultures, and across different devices on our Mobage platform.

It’s important to note the the title is not sitting on top of the overall app charts (see below for June 12 rankings). But I guess if I was in the games business, top grossing would likely be my primary target too! In any case, it’s good a made-in-Japan game like this one do so well in the US market.