PPTV Tops Video Streaming in China With 34 Million Unique Daily Users?


Surprised? While most of us believe that Youku or Tudou is the top dog for video streaming in China, iResearch’s findings seem to suggest otherwise. iResearch tracked users — both on web and clients — across the major video streaming service companies for the month of May based on a 200,000 sample size.

The results suggest that PPTV came out on top for May with 34 million unique daily users. Youku and PPStream came in second and third, recording 33 and 32 million daily unique users respectively. Those numbers are pretty close...but I would certainly take these results with a grain of salt. Here’s why.

The statement explains that the boost in traffic is due to PPTV’s having the Euro 2012 soccer tournament streamed on its platform. But since the results come from tracking done in May, the tournament couldn't explain the traffic spike experienced because Euro 2012 didn't start until June. So the explanation given in the findings statement is seriously flawed. The soccer tournament began on June 8, but iResearch stated on its chart that the survey was done from May 28 to June 3.

We have reached out to PPTV and will update if we hear from them.

I do agree that PPTV is pretty popular and perhaps one of the iPad apps that I find myself frequently using. It has great content, thanks to the $250 million funding it received from Softbank last February.