Picture Rally Challenges You to Complete Themed Photo Assignments


We received word this afternoon from The Windward, Inc., based out of Tokyo, that it has just released an iPhone photo app called Picture Rally. Given the vast array of photo apps already out there already, I’m always just a little curious to see how new ones intend to differentiate themselves. Line Camera, which launched about a month back, is a good example of one that stands out from the crowd.

So what is Picture Rally’s differentiator? The app lets your submit your photos to themed ‘rallies,’ and rewards you with virtual stamps once you have completed your task. Some rallies require a little as one photo (a close-up of an animal’s face, in one case), while another one that I tried just now required five photo submissions (that one was called ‘lets drink up tonight’). Other examples of currently listed rallies included ‘find something colorful,’ ‘how do you like your workplace,’ and ‘artistic sky.’

From reading the initial description of Picture Rally before installing it, I didn’t have very high expectations. But oddly enough, I found myself wanting (somewhat irrationally) to complete more tasks and fill up my stamp card. It was also pretty interesting to browse others photo submissions too, and see how much better than mine they were. For anyone who has ever enjoyed a themed Flickr photo group, this might be a fun way to replicate that experience on an iPhone.

You can also share from Picture Rally directly to various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Mixi, as well as invite friends from those platforms. And given that the app is available in Chinese and Korean (as well as English and Japanese), I expect to see some localized sites like Sina Weibo added as well.

The Windward tells me that they are actually a PR agency, and that eventually the app might be monetized by creating rallies around products. They put forth the example of a rally focused on a product like Coca Cola, if for example, that were one of their clients. It certainly goes to show the wide range of people and organizations for whom a creative app might be a surprising new medium for solving traditional problems.

It’s certainly a different approach to making mobile photography fun, and one that’s worth a look if that’s up your alley. Check it out over on PictureRally.com

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