ONE moment with Rich Franklin: Nutrition on the Go - Part 1

In his column 'ONE Moment with Rich Franklin', ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC)'s Vice President (VP) talks about his life lessons through the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). The 'Ace' is a former World Middleweight Champion with a professional record of 29-7.This week, he shares tips on how to deal with nutrition when you are traveling.

Find a kitchen so you can cook your own food. (Photo: Rich Franklin)Find a kitchen so you can cook your own food. (Photo: Rich Franklin)

It can be quite problematic to maintain proper nutrition when you are traveling.

Having to eat every three hours does not simplify things either.

So, here are some tips I have developed through years of traveling abroad:

1)    Make nutrition a priority when traveling 

Otherwise, it will always be an afterthought and you end up creating situations where you decide to eat whatever is convenient because you are hungry.

The person who does not make nutrition their priority will find my suggestions quite difficult and unrealistic. 

2) Bring packed food

The small meals served on a plane are just enough to make me hangry (hungry + angry).

Although taking water through security is a problem, taking food is not.

When I fly, I frequently pack meals cooked at home.

It is usually not a problem for a flight attendant to warm up my meal, but ultimately I would rather eat my cold meal than food served on the plane. 

I always travel with protein powder, oats, chia seeds, almonds and my shaker cup. 

I prefer to eat a solid meal as opposed to drinking a shake, but it is quite convenient to be able to drop some water in a cup and drink when I am on the go. 

I may not be getting any fruits or vegetables with this option, but it allows me to consume quality calories rather than preservative filled processed junk on the plane. 

3) Find a kitchen

After landing, when possible, I would rather find an efficiency apartment with a kitchen, rather than the nicest hotel in town. 

If I can prepare my meals in a kitchen and pack them in some plastic tupperware for the day, it deters me from making nutritional choices based on convenience. 

4) Make friends with hotel kitchen staff

Sometimes staying in an efficiency is not an option due to meetings and such, so what you can do is to befriend the kitchen staff of the hotel if they have room service in an effort to make sure my orders are correct.

When the hotel I choose does not have a kitchen, I always ask for a mini-fridge or request management to clear out the mini-bar to store my food. 

There are several travel versions of blenders capable of making fruit and vegetable smoothies, so I will bring one of these in order to make smoothies or protein shakes right in the room.

In Part 2 of this article, I will cover how to order healthier when eating out at a restaurant.


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