ONE Moment with Rich Franklin: How Is That Resolution Coming Along? (Part 2)

Making that resolution a reality is not as easy as just developing a solid game plan...even if you have recruited the help of an expert.

Initiating change or formulating new habits is a process that takes time.

It's not that difficult to keep to your New Year resolutions.It's not that difficult to keep to your New Year resolutions.

1) Change requires sacrifice and desire doesn't necessarily make things easy. What is more costly to you, the sacrifice or failing to reach the goal?

Before you set any goal, understand what sacrifice is required to accomplish it and make sure that sacrifice is worth your effort.

People too often set out to accomplish a goal underestimating the sacrifice or work required to accomplish the goal.

Make sure you manage your expectations in the game plan you design before you set out to accomplish your goal.

2) Surround yourself with people who have common goals. There is strength in numbers. It also creates a system of accountability.

You are much less likely to skip a workout when someone else is depending on you.

If you truly want accountability, announce publicly what you will accomplish.

Plan to do a triathlon or post the date by which you will lose a certain amount of weight. Deadlines and public awareness is the most effective system of accountability.

3) Avoiding weakness is much easier than attempting to resist it.

Perhaps you are the type of person who can have that one social drink on a Thursday and leave early enough to wake up for that Friday workout. If you are not, and you know you are not, do not fool yourself into believing you can.

Remember, your actions will only reinforce what you truly want.

4) Finally, focus on the starting gate rather than the finish line. It is frustrating to wake up on a daily basis and be short of your goal.

A focus on the finished product will cloud your judgment of the progress you have made.

Create short term goals to keep you on track and remind you of your progress. Short term goals will create a sense of accomplishment as you reach them, reinforcing success, motivating you to achieve your overall goal.

If you have tried resolutions and failed before, make this year's resolution to be how you approach every goal you try to accomplish this year.

Make this your year of victory! 


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