ONE Moment with Rich Franklin: How is that resolution coming along? (Part 1)

In this bi-weekly column 'ONE Moment with Rich Franklin', ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC)'s Vice President (VP) talks about his life lessons through the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). The 'Ace' is a former World Middleweight Champion with a professional record of 29-7.This week, he helps you stick to the New Year resolutions you made...

How well are you sticking to your New Year resolutions? (Photo: Cheryl Tay/ONE FC)How well are you sticking to your New Year resolutions? (Photo: Cheryl Tay/ONE FC)

It is that time of year when people want to make a change in their life...and that time of year, that if you are going to fail, the failure has already begun.

If you are struggling to make change, here is how to make that resolution a reality. I assume you have already identified your goal, so now you must create a plan of action.

It is all too easy to focus on the goal, only to become frustrated that you are no closer to your goal today than the day you began.

Losing weight is a common resolution. Just saying you are going to exercise, eat better or a combination of those things is not a real game plan. A game plan requires specific measures!!!

"I am going to exercise" needs to be:

"I am going to exercise five days per week. I will set my alarm one hour earlier every morning before work. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will go for a 5km walk or jog outside. On Tuesday I will take that yoga class I have been interested in trying and on Thursday I will do a resistance workout."

With this game plan, it is easy to understand why you are no closer to your goal if you continually skip some aspect of it.

The biggest stumbling block in any endeavor is not knowing how to create a game plan.

Most people know what they want, but perhaps have no clue how to obtain it. Understand your limitations and recruit the help of someone with experience or expertise.

Maximize your results and minimize your frustration from trial and error efforts yielding failure.

Even I would rather remain in a current dissatisfied state, than try to change and live sacrificially without results.

Reinforce your game plan!

Do not fool yourself into thinking you will actually get up early for that 5km on Friday if you have been out drinking on Thursday night.

When you go out that night, you are only reinforcing what is more important to you, and perhaps you need to reconsider your goal.

A lack of desire...true desire, will surely lead to failure.

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