ONE moment with Rich Franklin: Being a champion in life (Part 3)

Perhaps you are reading this article while sitting at a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Look to the person on your left, then the person on your right and ask yourself, what makes you different? 

For example, why are you more qualified or why do you do better quality work than a coworker in your office, or someone else at another company doing the same job? Do you make an effort to stay ahead of your competition? 

Rich Franklin talks about the mentality of a champion. (Photo: Armor Gel)Rich Franklin talks about the mentality of a champion. (Photo: Armor Gel)

There are seven billion people on this planet, but only one can be a ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) World Champion in a particular weight class at any given moment. 

What separates that person from the other seven billion? 

As an athlete, I train, but so does my opponent. I'm talented, but so is he. I work does he. 

I watch film, follow a strict nutritional programme, refrain from drinking (I have never had a sip of alcohol), adhere to a strict sleep schedule and the list goes on. My opponent probably follows a similar guideline. 

In a world where competition is stiff and the difference between number one and number two is nearly undetectably minute, we are always looking for an edge. 

The top three men’s 500m Olympic speed skating finishers were Michel Mulder (69.31 seconds), Jan Smeekens (69.32 seconds) and Ronald Mulder (69.46 seconds). 

As you can see, the timings for the first and second place finishers differed by 1/100 of a second. 

The secret is consistency. 

The champion understands the importance of consistency. He will study fight film on the day he is tired and desires relaxation.

The champion will not talk himself out of the final round when he is fatigued. He will not allow himself a party night while he is preparing for an event. 

Again, the list goes on. 

The champion understands there will not be big differences between himself and his competition, but victory is created while winning the personal battles of sacrifice daily. 

Without consistency, the champion is no different than every other person who attempts greatness with a mediocre approach. 

The champion does not settle for mediocre results! 

Remember, consistency. 

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