Olympic video highlights: France clinches 4x100 freestyle, celebrity Nerdfighters meet

High in the YouTube sports charts on August 2 were a recording of France's win over the USA in the 4x100m freestyle on July 29 and a surprise Olympic visit for musician Alex Day.

Pitching in on YouTube's top ten sports videos on August 2, and fourth most-viewed Olympic-themed vid for the day, was footage taken by a poolside spectator during France's unexpected win over the Phelps- and Lochte-powered USA during the men's 4x100 freestyle: youtu.be/QK_B-KKUCto

Making it as both most favorited and most commented video is singer Alex Day's "Why Do The Olympics Matter?," in which he appears with Team GB gymnast Jennifer Pinches: youtu.be/_DTDtrvQics

Watching Pinches's performance on July 31, Alex realized that the gymnast was a fellow fan of YouTube series Vlogbrothers; what he didn't know was that Jenny was also one of his own Twitter followers and saw his excited post about the discovery.

"All of these people you're seeing, their whole life has built up to this moment -- you see that so rarely," said Alex after the two had met up.

"The Olympics is very good at reminding me that people are at their best when they're part of a community, whether that's a national community, or the Nerdfighter community, or the people who just watch my videos and interact with me."

"I'm glad I found some meaning in the Olympics even though I'm not that into sport, I hope that you can too."