Allado says sorry for outburst

Meeting with Salud set

(UPDATE) Barako Bull forward Don Allado backtracked from his controversial tweets last night, apologizing for his tirade on Twitter where he blasted the Philippine Basketball Association and accused the pro league of manipulating the outcomes of games a few hours after his team was eliminated by Powerade.

“I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Comm Salud and entire PBA for (Tuesday) night’s tweets that’s now a subject of controversy,” Allado wrote.

“It was an error in judgement on my part to let my passion for this game get the best of me. As a professional I should’ve known better. I understand my statement may be construed by many as discrediting the PBA. Let it be known, however, that such is not my intention. Again, my sincerest apologies to the Comm Salud, Board of Governors and entire PBA.”

Salud, as expected, promptly fired back at Allado’s allegations about game-fixing in the league.

“He's certainly way out of line. He is indicting not just the game officials but the entire organization and membership of the league...his co-players and team officials alike,” Salud said in a statement. “This is a serious accusation and I do not intend to take it lightly.”

Appearing in a media conference Wednesday night, Salud added, "Those statements are reckless and baseless. They are detrimental to the best interest of the league and I consider them inexcusable and unacceptable.

“This league has been around for the last 37 years. His statements are an indictment not just against the referees but against the entire organization's membership and those people who have taken care of the PBA, who have cared for the PBA over the years of its existence. Those are reckless statements and I will meet with him tomorrow and get him to back up whatever that he's accusing us."

As expected, Allado will be summoned at the Commissioner’s Office on Thursday, according to Salud.

“I have to hear his side (on Thursday). We’ll let him expound, explain, and defend the statements that he made. That’s part of the due process.”
Referee Sacked
After reviewing the play, the pro league has suspended referee Peter Balao for his inaccuracy to call a three-second violation on Powerade import Omar Sneed.

“For his non-call, Balao will be suspended until the end of the season,” said Willy Marcial, who serves as Special Assistant to the Commissioner.

According to Marcial, the no-call “was very obvious and should not have escaped the attention of the referees, particularly Balao, who was in position to make the call.”
Surprised Baculi
Meanwhile, Barako Bull coach Junel Baculi was caught by surprise upon hearing Allado’s comments Wednesday afternoon.

“I haven't read it but if that's true, medyo mabigat na paratang 'yon,” stated Baculi. “The officiating was spotty and a lot of errors were committed by the referees. Maybe it cost us the game, maybe not, I don't know.”

“When it comes to Allado's statement, I heard it was serious. Mahirap i-understand ‘yon. Personally I'm not someone who maligns people, entities or organizations so if you ask me about it, I won't support what he said. What I'll support was the (complaint over) the errors of the referees.”

Allado’s statements
Displeased with the officiating after the Energy got knocked out by the Tigers in their do-or-die game, Allado quickly unleashed his frustrations on Twitter, tweeting a wave of harsh comments that drew the ire of the Commissioner’s office.

Using his personal account @alotofDON, Allado tweeted: "I'm the guy that says what others can't. #PBA games are fixed. They control who is in & who is out. It's a disgrace to be in this league."

Moments after, Allado tweeted anew: “I am bitter about losing. Not to Powerade, but to #PBA . In my opinion, this league has little credibility left.”

“I feel for #BarakoRepubliq management. They put in time, effort & resources to form a competitive team like this only to be wasted by #PBA.”
Stressing his tirade was not directed to Powerade, Allado answered his follower @iamnottherealme, “this has nothing to do with Powerade. They didn’t make the non-calls. It’s PBA only.”
The Controversial No-Call
Judging by his comments, Allado, who fouled out with seven markers, was apparently referring to the three-second violation no-call against Sneed when Barako was staging a late-game fightback.

In that play, Sneed fell down in the shaded lane and visibly had a hard time getting up. Trying to force a three-second call, Allado apparently held down Sneed. With a clear path to the basket, Powerade guard JVee Casio scored a floater that padded the Tigers’ lead to eight with 1:46 remaining, leaving the Barako Bull officials, led by Baculi, furious at the sidelines as they sued for time.


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