London Olympic Village unveiled


LONDON, UK, 12 July 2012 (SOURCE: AFPTV)

- VAR Olympic rings sculpture in Olympic village
- VAR GVs of Olympic village

SOUNDBITE 1 Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (English, 22 secs):
"We've done everything in our power to welcome the greatest athletes in the world, and to make them feel at home here in London. They can have their nails done, they can have their hair done, they can have...
just about every legal entertainment that London has to offer is here in the Olympic park - shops, restaurants, movies, you name it."

- VAR mock-up of athletes' bedroom

SOUNDBITE 2 Nigel Garfitt, Director of Villages and Games Services, LOCOG (English, 24 secs):
"We're in the main dining hall, which is right at the heart of the village, a very special place. It's where everybody who's staying with us, athletes and their teams, will come and eat. It's pretty huge, so we can seat about five thousand people at any one time, and we'll serve something in excess of about 1.2 million meals over the course of the games."

- VAR of dining hall
- VAR of London mayor Boris Johnson eating inside dining hall

SOUNDBITE 3 Dr Paul Warren, Procter & Gamble, working in Olympic village Polyclinic (English, 27 secs):
"This is the London dental clinic for the games, and you'll be surprised to know this is probably, of all the clinics that we have at the London Olympic games, this will probably be the biggest and the busiest. Because athletes will come here for routine dental treatment as well as emergency dental treatment, as well as to have mouth-guards made, and in cases of trauma, they'll have their trauma sorted out here aswell."

- VAR of polyclinic
- VAR athletes entertainment area