Liverpool's Henderson admits he needs to score more goals

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has admitted he needs to start scoring more goals in order to live up to his £16million transfer fee.

The 21-year-old netted just his second goal for the Merseysiders in Tuesday’s 4-1 thumping of Chelsea, with his only other goal coming in a win over Bolton in the opening month of the season.

The former Sunderland midfielder told The Sun on Sunday: “Everyone wants to score but it’s not that easy, you’ve got to keep working at it.

“I was pleased with the Chelsea goal. John Terry slipped and I went one-on-one with the keeper and slotted it in.

“Hopefully, I’ll do it on a more regular basis next season. I’ve played in a lot of positions this season but that’s not an excuse."

Liverpool make the trip to Wales to play Swansea on Sunday as they hope to secure a win that could move them above local rivals Everton.

Henderson added: “We go into every game wanting to win — and this will be no different.”