John Wilkinson on the verge of being shown the door at Home United

It was a surprise to many when John Wilkinson was missing from the teamsheet during Home United's clash against Hougang United on Saturday night.

The questions were finally answered when head coach Lee Lim Saeng revealed that Wilkinson will no longer play a part in his campaign after the Singapore international's recent interview with a print media outlet.

“I saw an article about our team after the 3-0 loss to SAFFC," said Lee.

"According to the article, Wilkinson said that I had constantly changed a lot of players and also the team formation.

“I cannot believe this. We only changed one player and changed tactics in that game, which is normal as we were trailing in the match.

“Within the club, if there is any problem or anything wrong with me and a player criticises me I would accept it if what they said is true. Most important thing to note here is that his behavior and attitude in the team. I had informed him a day before that game that he will be out of the squad against Hougang United.”

Lee also told the media after the game against Hougang United, that the decision to leave Wilkinson out was not solely based on the issue of the interview.

“I tried to respect him," strained the Korean as he held back tears.

"But this is not the first time. During a practice game previously, he shouted expletives at me. I told him that he is not professional and that if he does such a thing again, it’s either he leave the club or I will leave.

“I never experienced this in my whole playing and coaching career and I cried to myself after that because of this incident.

“I did not intend to inform you (media) about this. But I had to because I want everybody to know the pain I felt as he had insulted me.”

Lee added: “I have a lot of patience and sometimes players want to find fault with me. That is fine. But I can’t simply close my eyes.”

“I can’t understand why he has to insult me? Why he wants to kill my reputation when I am trying to help develop football in Singapore?”

“I have to leave him out from my squad and I am not sure what the future lies for Wilkinson in the club."

"The manager and chairman will have to decide about it, but if I am wrong in this matter, off I go,” said Lee while glancing to his side where team manager S.Mahalingam was seated.

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