Indonesia Twitter Trends in May: Lady Gaga and National Education Day


Indonesia’s Twitter timeline in May was filled with various topics and themes. But the National Education Day on May 2nd as well as Lady Gaga were the top trends last month. Indonesians were tweeting about their hopes, suggestions, and criticisms for Indonesia’s education system, and its always promising to see the public involved in such an important discussion.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga also filled the timeline last month because of her concert fiasco which at the end was cancelled which disappointed all her ‘Little Monsters’ in Indonesia. As her concert neared its scheduled date, more Islamic hardliners groups in Indonesia rallied against her. After much negotiation and lengthy process, the Lady Gaga management team decided to cancel the concert which was going to be held today. This made a lot of Indonesians disappointed and angry with the government because of how powerless they are compared to the hardline groups. Accoring to SalingSilang, other popular keywords in May also included Indonesian Idol participant Dera who was eliminated, another participant called Deon was also frequently mentioned. People were also actively discussing the much-anticipated, The Avengers movie. The movie picked up more steam on Twitter as Indonesia opened its first IMAX studio at Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. [Source: SalingSilang]