With my heart I hope for a Denmark v Poland final, says tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki

By Ashish Sharma

Since turning professional in 2005 just 15 years of age, Caroline Wozniacki quickly stormed to the top of the tennis rankings, becoming the first ever Scandinavian woman to become world number one.

But with her participation in the French Open now over for another year following defeat on Sunday, the youngster admits that she will console herself by focusing her attention on the European Championship.

“I suppose it was inevitable that I would develop an interest in football. My brother plays football and my dad was a player too. I also played as a child and grew up watching the game. That passion has just grown up with me."

Wozniacki has an interesting background. Although she was born in Odense in Denmark, both her parents are Polish. So does she have a preference over which country she will follow in the Euros?

"I guess I feel more Danish because I was born and raised there," she admits.

"Denmark has a really tough group though, what with Netherlands, Portugal and Germany in there you can be sure there won't be any boring games," she laughed.

"But my parents are Polish so obviously there's a part of me that is from Poland which I also don't want to forget. So I think in a way I have two teams which I can support. With my heart I hope for a Poland v Denmark final."

Despite much negative coverage given to both Poland and Ukraine in the build up to the Euros, Wozniacki is keen to point out the positives in hosting such an important tournament.

"Certainly speaking from a Polish point of view I think it will be great for the country. Hopefully many tourists will come in. They've built new stadiums, new roads and infrastructure and that can only benefit the development of the country in times to come."

Wozniacki's passion doesn't just end with the national team; the tennis star is also a big fan of Liverpool. She famously wore a Reds shirt signed by Steven Gerrard in the Qatar Ladies Open in 2011.

"Steven Gerrard is one of my all-time favourite players along with Brazilian Ronaldo who is one of the all time greats," she declared.

"There are many reasons how I ended up becoming a Liverpool fan.

"Mainly it's because I have played a lot of tournaments in that city. Then I got into the history of the club and got to know many of the players. It's a really great club and I think they have some great players playing for them.”

One such player is fellow Dane Daniel Agger, who is a good friend of Wozniacki. And for the 21-year-old he is vital for both his club and his country.

"Daniel really is a great guy. He's lots of fun to be with and down to earth as well. We've chatted lots about football. If he can stay injury-free he is going to be a key player for Denmark in the Euros. He is also a key player for Liverpool as well. I always support Danes in other sports so it's great to see him doing so well."

With the French Open over Wozniacki won't have a chance to go to the Euros as she is preparing for Wimbledon.

"I won't be there but most of my family will be. They are going to have lots of fun and I think it's going to be a really good tournament.”

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