FAS suspends referee T Aravinthan for two months

The Football Association of Singapore Referees’ Disciplinary Committee (DC) meted out a two-month suspension to referee T Aravinthan.

The FAS Referees’ DC was chaired by FAS Referees’ Committee Deputy Chariman, Mr M Maniam, and included three legally trained persons who were independent of the FAS Referees’ Committee, namely Mr Ramesh Tiwary, Ms Christina Goh, and Mr Matthias Ang,

Aravinthan had allegedly turned up late and inebriated for a NFL Division 1 match on May 19, between Police SA and Eunos Crescent FC, that he was due to officiate.

The 2008 S.League Referee of the Year winner was found guilty of the lesser charge of turning up late. Aravinthan's reasons for appearing intoxicated was due to having consumed alcohol the night before at a family function.

In addition to warning him from consuming alcohol 24-hours before an official engagement in future, the DC also proposed this be added as a rule to the FAS Referees’ Code of Conduct.

Mr M Maniam stated: “The Referees’ Disciplinary Committee unanimously came to the conclusion having heard the witnesses that Mr T Aravinthan was not intoxicated or drunk, when he reported for his duties.Having said this, the committee would like to reiterate our position that FAS will not hesitate to punish any of our match officials, should they bring disrepute to the organisation. I hope that this will be the last time that any of our FAS Referees appears before the Referees’ DC for being late for any of their officiating duties.”

FAS hopes that this sentence meted out would serve as a reminder to all match officials to adhere strictly to the FAS Referees’ Code of Conduct. The FAS Referees’ Code of Conduct will also be amended to include the new clause as proposed by the FAS Referees’ DC.

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