Euro 2012: Battle of the Sexes

By Kriffith Fernando and Lynette Seow HX

Football has always been a rather male-dominated sport. With the increase in the number of women playing football in Singapore, it is interesting to see striking similarities and differences between the two groups in their associations with the game.

With the Euro 2012, there have been a number of predictions based on animals and all sorts of fortune telling around the world. Wouldn't it be interesting however, to perhaps pit the predictions of guys and females against each other?

The two footballing teams of Singapore Management University (SMU) rose to the challenge and decided to take each other on in a battle of Euro 2012 knowledge. Prior to the start of the tournament, they chose their the top two teams from each group that will advance to the knockout stage. Who'll get it right?

Group A 
Guys 1.Czech 2.Russia
Girls 1.Czech 2.Greece
The Czechs are the hot favourite to take this group for both the girls and the boys as they seem to be facing relatively less glamourous opponents.  The teams are however of differing opinions when it comes to the runners-up spot in this group.  While the guys are placing their bets on an Arshavin-led Russia, the girls are hoping the Greeks can conjure up their 2004 title-winning magic again and prove the guys wrong.

Group B
Guys 1.Germany 2.Netherlands
Girls 1.Netherlands 2.Germany
Group B brings both teams' predictions together. The guys and girls believe that the Germans and the Dutch will move on to the next round.  The opinions differ though when asked who will top the group and hence avoid meeting Spain (expected winners of Group C). Members from both predicting teams did mention that the match against Denmark will have a heavy influence on who tops the group and who finishes second. While the guys are backing a German team with a good mix of young talent and experienced old-timers, the girls favour the World Cup 2010 finalists to take top spot in this tournament’s Group of Death.  As for Portugal, the girls cited the team’s lacklustre results in their pre-tournament friendlies and the team’s overreliance on Cristiano Ronaldo as reasons for why they will not make it to the next stage.

Group C
Guys 1.Spain 2.Italy
Girls 1.Spain 2.Italy
The defending champions and current World Cup holders are a hot favourite for almost everyone this season. Players on both the SMU guys’ and girls’ teams feel that Spain has a very talented squad with a respectable manager who knows how to make the team tick. They believe that with such synergy and leadership, there should be no reason as to why Spain should not be in the finals. Italy was chosen to be the second of the table. However, it is notable that some of the boys were having second thoughts to placing their bets on Italy. They believed that perhaps Ireland might just edge over Italy if the latter are a bit too distracted.

Group D
Guys 1.England 2.France
Girls 1.France 2.Sweden
Despite the controversies of Rio Ferdinand being left out of the squad and numerous injuries and absences, England still seems to be the first choice for most of the guys who voted. Some of the players mentioned that it would be sad to see such a team go down the drains. While there were some die-hard England fans in the ladies’ team, the general consensus was that the team is not prepared for the tournament and that the newly-appointed manager’s inexperience will cost them.  France did not stir up much discussion but both sides believed they still had the ability to proceed on to the next round. Both teams acknowledged the capability of the Swedish team with the girls going one step further to say that Sweden will pip England to a berth in the knockout stages.

Will the boys emerge with bragging rights of being more accurate or will it be the girls? Or perhaps that elephant in Poland that crushes and eats balls to predict will trump them both? Stay tuned to Singapore!

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