Don't let anger ruin the night

Light Heavyweight bout: Jake Butler defeats Sylvain Potard by Unanimous Decision (Photo: Cheryl Tay/ONE FC)Light Heavyweight bout: Jake Butler defeats Sylvain Potard by Unanimous Decision (Photo: Cheryl Tay/ONE FC)

Picture and your friends are out having a good time and you bump into the wrong guy. As you make eye contact, you can clearly see the tension rise.

While you may be more than capable of winning a fight, there is no sense in ruining an otherwise relaxing night, so you decide you want to avoid the fight.

Follow this formula, and you will lessen your chances of getting into an altercation.

Stay relaxed

It is said that 90 percent of communication is non-verbal, so your body language is more important than the words you speak.

Stay relaxed outwardly, smile to show this fella you have no intention of becoming aggressive.

The last thing you want to do is be, or be perceived to be aggressive with a person showing signs of aggression towards you.

In a public situation, nobody wants to lose face. People want to feel respected, and showing signs of disrespect toward someone will get you into a fight quicker than whatever originally upset him.

Stay passive, but confident. Have you ever approached a dog, but suddenly weren't sure if it was going to bite you? If you run from the dog, it is likely to give chase. It is similar in this situation.

Confident, not arrogant

Maintain your confidence, and appear as if you are ready and willing to fight...even if you are scared to death. Fake it until you make it!

However, do NOT confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogance will put you into the scenario of disrespect I just mentioned.

Keep things simple. If you bumped into the wrong person...apologise. Maybe he actually bumped into you...apologise anyway. Pay no mind to apologising for something you didn't do, your objective here is to avoid a fight.

It takes a much stronger person to stifle anger and frustration, than to don't get sidetracked by your ego. Unless you continue to bump into each other, that simple apology usually solves the problem.

A compliment can go a loooong way.

Someone is less likely to punch you when you pay them a compliment. In these situations I've been known to tell a guy how big he is and how painful it would be to have to fight him.

When you make someone feel superior, you will surely win the psychological battle.

I don't mind throwing a twist of humour into the mix. I alway say, "It's my night off; last night I was fighting, but I just came out to enjoy time with my friends."

Tell him you don't want to hurt his hand with your face. Ask him if he would be willing to fight with his hands tied behind his back.

ltimately, you want to make him feel like he is in control and this is clearly a waste of his time. Again, this is that respect issue.

Finally, make the situation right. If you bumped into someone and spilled their drink, buy them a new one. If they bumped into you and spilled their drink, buy them a new one anyway. It is much cheaper than bail or legal fees.

Remember, you must not allow your ego to get involved. If you want to prove your manhood, do so by beating your "opponent" in an intellectual game.

Conversely, if all else fails, and fighting is inevitable, maintain good cardio. That way, you can always outrun your opponent. 


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