Clinical in the box - Kagawa and his pornstar girlfriend

It's the classic tale of boy meets girl, only with a twist in Shinji Kagawa's case.

Manchester United's new signing is a young, successful and wealthy man, presumably the perfect catch for a young lady of charm, wit and beauty.

But what does Kagawa himself look for in a woman? Well it turns out to be something a bit... erm, more surprising.

Enter Ameri Ichinose, the girlfriend of the former Dortmund man, who is - putting it delicately - an adult entertainer. A web search of Kagawa's squeeze is definitely not safe for the work place, with some eye-watering images thrown up.

Kagawa clearly isn't the jealous type, and it can be assumed that discussions of 'what did you get up to at work today, honey?' are kept to a minimum.

Maybe Shinji will try to steer her off the porn path but that could be sneezier said than done if Ichinose wants to make it big in the world of recorded bunga bunga.

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