Chariots of Fire still burning bright



SOUNDBITE 1 Duncan Goodhew (man) Olympic Gold Medalist, 1980 (English, 16 secs):
"How do you become the best in the world. How do you answer two questions: who me? why me? Who me? I'm fallible as the day is long, I trip over my shoelaces, I spill soup down my tie, I'm fallible. Why me? There are 3.5 billion people on the planet, why should I be number one?"

SOUNDBITE 2 Roger Black (man) Olympic Silver Medalist, 1996 (English, 14 secs):
"For me, it's special because Eric Liddell (the character in the film Chariots of Fire) won the 400 metres, and I won a medal in the 400 metres as well and I think he was the last one to do it, well I think there was one just after, so for me, the pain of his face running the 400, I can relate to."

- VAR poster for Chariots of Fire film
- VAR crowd gathered around red carpet
- VAR Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Gold Medalist, 1980 talking to press
- VAR people arriving to premiere on red carpet
- VAR Hugh Hudson, Director, Chariots of Fire and Alice Krige, actress, Chariots of Fire, being photgraphed
- VAR Nigel Havers, actor Chariots of Fire
- VAR Daley Thompson, former British Olympic athlete signing autographs