• Fitness is an ever evolving field of science and everyday we discover something new about our bodies that may contradict what we already know. It is a relatively new field and nowadays it's a very important part of daily life. With the automation of almost everything, we simply don't move as much as we used to. Though this does make things easier, with the lack of movement, our bodies become a tight mess of stuck joints and a our fat stores increase exponentially. In other words, we get fatter and immobile, not a very good combination.

    Now because of this, we have also seen an exponential growth of fitness centers and gyms across the world. It has been said that the wellness and health industry is the next billion dollar frontier and it's evident here in Manila. As a gym client, you should be confident that your gym is giving you the right tools and programming that you will need to get you results. Of course, with the various programs out there, it will get confusing. I mean, if it

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