Fourth-Place Medal

Olympic speedskater DQ'd before she starts race

(AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

Judith Hesse of Germany was out of the 500-meter speedskating competition before it even began Wednesday after she had two false starts in the Olympic finals event. It was the only event in the Sochi Games for Hesse, who also represented Germany in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. Miyako Sumiyoshi skated alone in the heat after Hesse was disqualified from the race.

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

A skater who begins the race before given the signal is charged with a false start. Two false starts by a skater results in disqualification from the heat, according to U.S. Speed Skating.

Lee Sang-hwa of South Korea won gold in the event with a total time of 74.7. Russian Olga Fatkulina earned a silver medal with a score of 75.06, and Margot Boer of the Netherlands took home bronze with a time of 75.48. Sumiyoshi, who had to skate without a competitor alongside her, earned a total time of 77.26 and placed 14th.

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Dutch speedskater Sjinkie Knegt made headlines in January when he was disqualified from the European short-track competition.

But the DQ was for a different reason: Knegt was caught flipping the bird with both hands immedately after his competitor, Russian Viktor Ahn, won the race. The Dutchman was tossed out of the event for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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