Fourth-Place Medal

Olympic gold medalist Maya Moore’s ring allegedly stolen, sold by really dumb criminal


Maya Moore helped the U.S. women's basketball team win gold in London, but she never got the ring she earned for her accomplishment. Olympians receive rings for making the games, and a package that was supposed to contain Moore's ring went missing. Luckily, she will get it back after a criminal was dumb enough to sell it for cheap, and a jeweler was smart enough to call the police.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jamaal Dontray Taylor allegedly tried to sell the ring to a mall jeweler in suburban Atlanta. Taylor reportedly showed his identification to the jeweler and sold it for $144. Taylor claimed he was an Olympic gold medalist, likely assuming that there is no way to verify such a thing. (There is.)

The jeweler called the police, and Taylor was arrested. Moore is expected to get her ring back. Let this be a lesson to thieves everywhere: Crime doesn't a pay, particularly when you're too dumb to look up the name of an actual Olympic gold medalist.

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