• Rob Dyrdek sets a world record for a reverse jump in a car, using a modified Chevy Sonic.

    Repetition has always been necessary to success — just ask Malcolm Gladwell, or any Olympic athlete, or if you prefer Rob Dyrdek, the skateboarder-turned-MTV host who set a world's record two years ago by doing a kick flip in a Chevy Sonic. For the finale of his "Fantasy Factory," Dyrdek and crew went for another record, using a California theme park and a set of ramps for a massive jump — backward.

    It's not clear what kind of modifications have been made to the 2014 Sonic RS Turbo in question, but whatever they've done it sounds far stouter than the stock minicar, and likely a little tougher in the suspension as well. (In the spirit of the proceedings, the driver called himself Bor Kedryd. Give it a second.)

    Dyrdek said via his Twitter feed that the car cleared 89 feet, 3 inches to claim the new Guinness World Record for a reverse ramp jump. The previous record holder is none other than the BBC's Top Gear, which in 2008 sent an ancient Austin Allegro soaring backwards through the

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