• For those thinking Conor McGregor is crazy for attempting to become the first reigning multi-divisional champion at UFC 196 against lightweight champ, Rafael dos Anjos, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

    According to McGregor's head coach, John Kavanagh, UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler could soon find himself in McGregor's crosshairs – assuming he can dethrone dos Anjos, of course.

    "I've seen that rumors of Conor fighting Robbie Lawler for the 170-pound belt at UFC 200 on July 9 have been gathering momentum," Kavanaugh said. "It's not something we have discussed specifically but after Conor wins the lightweight belt, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the next fight is for the welterweight belt.Conor McGregor takes questions from the media during a UFC press conference on Jan. 20. (Getty)Conor McGregor takes questions from the media during a UFC press conference on Jan. 20. (Getty)

    McGregor will attempt to make history on March 5 by becoming the first dual-weight champ in UFC history. The idea of McGregor chasing a third belt against Lawler is almost beyond comprehension.

    Lawler has become one of the most violent champions in UFC history in just a short period of time,

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  • Mickey Gall beat Mike Jackson on Saturday to earn a shot at becoming the first man to fight pro wrestler turned MMA fighter Phil “CM Punk” Brooks in the UFC.

    CM Punk is injured again. (Getty Images)CM Punk is injured again. (Getty Images)Most expected Punk’s debut would happen in the summer, potentially at UFC 199 or the historic UFC 200.

    Well, not so fast.

    CM Punk will not be fighting in the UFC anytime soon, as he is scheduled to undergo back surgery for a herniated disk in Chicago on Wednesday.

    “My back has always bugged me,” Punk told “Figured it was just wrestling s---. Turns out it was.

    “It got bad enough to the point where I couldn’t do anything the week before I went to train with the New Jersey Devils last month. One day I could manage, the next day I couldn’t. I’ve been in agony for almost a month. Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, cryotherapy ... nothing worked.”

    Punk says the setback is just a “bump in the road” and he’s sure he will fight before 2016 is over.

    The odd footnote to this unfortunate injury is the fact Punk apparently

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  • The world learned Saturday that former professional wrestler Phil “CM Punk” Brooks would be making his UFC debut against Mickey Gall (2-0).

    Gall, who submitted Mike Jackson in 45 seconds at UFC Fight Night, won the honor of fighting the UFC’s most popular fighter to never actually fight inside an Octagon.

    Fans aren’t exactly sure when the fight will take place, or what billing the match will have, but we do have a clear idea of who will likely be the betting favorite when the two inexperienced welterweights finally do face each other.

    CM Punk (+230) opens as the underdog against Gall (-300), per Meaning, you will win $230 if you bet $100 on CM Punk, and conversely, you’ll need $300 to win $100 on Gall.

    Over the last year, Punk has trained exclusively with famed striking coach Duke Roufus up in Wisconsin. Surrounded by

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  • Jon Jones made headlines Monday after news broke of his Jan. 31 traffic stop and subsequent citations for driving without a license, registration or proof of insurance. With Jones currently serving an 18-month probation after a much-publicized hit-and-run incident last April, it appeared that Jones could find himself in hot water with the law.

    Jon Jones (AP)Jon Jones (AP)There was also speculation that this run-in with the law could cost the former UFC light heavyweight champion an opportunity to regain the title he had stripped from him when he will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23.

    As it turns out, there is no violation of his probation as it was merely a routine traffic stop where Jones didn’t happen to have the proper documentation with him and his fight with Cormier will carry on. However, Jones will have to serve three days of community service, according to MMA Fighting.

    But Jones wasn’t too fond of the news reports that had surfaced and took to Twitter to vent his frustrations.

    “I'm interested

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  • The UFC held a press conference in January to promote their upcoming super fight between featherweight champion Conor McGregor and lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 on March 5.

    McGregor showed up 30 minutes late to the presser and went into his promotional shtick, unleashing a venomous succession of insults directed at his Brazilian opponent throughout the duration of the hour-long fiasco.

    He called dos Anjos a traitor to his country. He insulted his team at King’s MMA. He called dos Anjos ugly and referred to him as a ‘free TV fighter’ unworthy of his upcoming pay-per-view billing.

    The brash featherweight even went as far as to bring dos Anjos’ family into the mix, saying: “I wanna send you back to our Brazilian media partners at Globo and have you answer to the Brazilian people why we have to book you a hotel in your own home country, why your kids' names are Bob and Donald – why are you raising American children? Why don’t you trust in your own people?”

    Dos Anjos

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  • Jon Jones in trouble with the law once again

    No sooner does Jon Jones have his return date to the UFC formally announced, the ex-champion finds himself right back in trouble with the law.

    Jon Jones (AP)Jon Jones (AP)Jones — who will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23 — will be in an Albuquerque, N.M., court on Wednesday after being cited back on Jan. 31 for driving without a license, registration and proof of insurance.

    This comes hot on the heels of Saturday’s announcement by the UFC that he’ll get the opportunity to regain the light heavyweight title he was stripped of last year when he faces Cormier in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

    Jones and his traffic violations have been a major thorn in the side of the 28-year-old former champion. Jones was stripped of his title and suspended last April in a highly publicized hit-and-run incident that left a 25-year-old pregnant woman with a broken arm as Jones fled the scene. He was given supervised probation but avoided spending time behind bars after reaching a plea agreement.

    Prior to that, Jones was

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  • LAS VEGAS – After months of speculation, there is finally a winner in the ‘who fights Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks’ sweepstakes.CM Punk talks to Mickey Gall after Gall's submission win Saturday. (Credit: Dana White/Twitter)CM Punk talks to Mickey Gall after Gall's submission win Saturday. (Credit: Dana White/Twitter)

    Mickey Gall, a 24-year-old with just one prior professional fight, submitted Mike Jackson via rear-naked choke just 45 seconds into their showdown at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas. With the victory, Gall, who was featured on UFC President Dana White’s ‘Looking for a Fight’ reality show, is now in line to be the first person to fight the former WWE champion.

    “Last time I was on the mic, I was talking about one guy,” said Gall after the fight. “CM Punk. [And] I’m still talking about CM Punk -- I want to be fed, I’m hungry -- feed me CM Punk, please!”

    When asked about his game plan heading into the fight with Jackson, the victorious Gall kept it short and sweet: “Punch him as hard as I can in the face; like to punch faces and I like to choke people out, that’s what I like to do.”

    Shortly after Gall’s speech, the man of the hour, Punk, entered the cage for

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  • CM Punk gets into tense exchange with reporter for Complex

    CM Punk didn't particularly enjoy the questions he was being asked by reporter Kevin Wong in an interview that was being conducted last month for a piece in Complex Magainze. Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, left the WWE and signed with the UFC in 2014, and has been training ever since to prepare for his Octagon debut.

    Punk will fight Mickey Gall in the summer, likely at UFC 200, if Gall beats Mike Jackson Saturday at the MGM Grand.

    Ever since his very public departure from the WWE in 2014, CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) hasn’t been one to mince words with people on social media who want to discuss his past. And his signing with the UFC has only brought upon more questions as the MMA world awaits his professional debut.

    His frustration with people questioning whether or not a former pro wrestler with no professional fighting experience will fare in the very real world of mixed martial arts is palpable. Things went south very quickly in his interview with Wong when some of the

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  • LAS VEGAS -- Love was in the air at the UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson weigh-in Friday when a fighter decided to take the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend before he hit the scales.  

    Alex Nicholson, who will make his UFC debut Saturday at the MGM Grand against Misha Cirkunov in a light heavyweight bout –made the stroll to the stage with his girlfriend, Hannah Goldy, in tow.

    For most fighters, the weigh-in is a time of stress as they work extremely hard to shave off those last few pounds in order to come in under the weight limit. But Nicholson looked relaxed and was clearly up to something. Before disrobing, the 25-year-old paused and pulled a small box out of his pocket. With Goldy not quite sure what was going on, Nicholson got down on one knee and proposed.

    Goldy accepted and the two shared a kiss before Nicholson took care of business and made weight.

    Nicholson is on a five fight-winning streak, with all of his victories coming by way of stoppage. He’s a massive

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  • There are plenty of people thinking Conor McGregor has little chance against UFC lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 next month.

    Conor McGregor (Getty Images)Conor McGregor (Getty Images)Apparently, you can now add UFC president Dana White to that group.

    “I don’t see how he wins this fight,” White admitted to Fox Sports.

    The UFC boss man, like many critics, is applauding “Mystic Mac” for his desire to keep challenging himself after his stunning 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo just eight weeks ago. White is also remaining realistic, however, and believes the size difference will be too much for the Irishman to overcome.

    Well, that, and the fact dos Anjos makes even the best fighters look like timid amateurs.

    “[McGregor’s] the 145-pound champion, he can stay in his own lane, [but] this guy’s moving up to 155 to take on an animal who destroyed Cowboy Cerrone, destroyed Anthony Pettis.”

    He continued, “And this isn’t like boxing, where you move up two or three pounds, you move up 15 pounds.”

    In McGregor’s case, it’s actually 10 pounds,

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