•  Retired former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is understandably supporting his long-time training partner Glover Teixeira as the Brazilian challenges Jon Jones this Saturday at UFC 172 for the 205 pound world title. "The IceMan" recently went further than that support of Teixeira, however, when he said that he feels in his prime he would have "walked through" Jon Jones' punches and knocked "Bones" out.

    Ever the instigator (and we love ya for it, Chael), UFC fighter and UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen asked Jones what he thought of Liddell's comments Wednesday.  “You’ve got to expect Chuck to take his boy’s back or have his boy’s back, and that’s what he’s doing,” Jones began.

    “He’s coming out saying a lot of other stuff like he would walk through my punches if he ever fought me and he would have beat me in his prime and all this other stuff.

    “I’m not going to sit here and insult Chuck. He’s a very, very loved person by the masses, so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.

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  • The admittedly "lil' arrogant" UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has an explanation for why his last fight with Alexander Gustafsson was so close -- Jones says he didn't try all that hard. In fact, Jones has an exact number for how much he tried against Gustafsson while defending his UFC belt.

    "Going into the Gustafsson fight I had just beaten Chael Sonnen, somebody that almost beat Anderson Silva twice, and I dominated Chael Sonnen in a minute and thirty seconds," said Jones during an interview with Jim Rome on Wednesday.

    "I think for the first time in my career I really started to feel myself. I really started to think, 'Maybe I've got this extraordinary talent and maybe I just can't be touched.' I went 80 percent [against Gustafsson]. I'm not making any excuses. Gustafsson did a great job in the fight but I know that I had a lot more in me. I did some of the cardio tests that I normally do and my numbers weren't the same. Me knowing that, I still went into the fight thinking,

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  •  Well, we now know how Lyoto Machida is spending his time as he waits for Chris Weidman to heal up before they can fight this summer for Weidman's UFC middleweight title. "The Dragon" has taken a cue from acrobats and hipsters everywhere and begun practicing his balance on a slackline.

    Check out the former light heavyweight champion show off on his slack line in the two videos released on Instagram recently, below.

    Follow Elias on Twitter @EliasCepeda & @YahooCagewriter

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  • Homer MooreA veteran mixed martial arts fighter who lost to Evan Tanner in his only UFC bout was arrested in Glendale, Ariz., on Monday and charged with the first-degree murder of a 19-year-old. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

    Homer Moore, 42, of Phoenix, was arrested by Tempe police in connection with the August 1999 murder of Karam Hussein Jabbar, 19. Jabbar went missing in late July, and his body was found in the trunk of a car on Aug. 3, 1999. According to police, Jabbar's hands and feet were bound and there was a bag over his head.

    The official cause of death was listed as asphyxia.

    Moore debuted on April 7, 1999, with a victory over Jason Middaugh at Rage in the Cage 4, about three months before Jabbar's death. Moore faced several notable fighters, including current UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen and UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn. HIs only UFC appearance came at UFC 34 on Nov. 2, 2001, at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, where he was submitted by Tanner via arm bar at 55 seconds

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  • Renan Barao hasn't lost a fight since 2005, is 32-1 and may be the most dominant bantamweight the UFC has ever had. Yet, he says he still made a pittance compared to his last opponent, Urijah Faber.

    The two rematched in February with Barao coming out on top for the second time. The Brazilian, who has been bantamweight champion since mid-2012, is stepping up to fight again at the end of May to replace the postponed Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida middleweight fight.

    The champ hopes to be able to successfully defend his belt against Faber teammate T.J. Dillashaw on May 24 at UFC 173, but he also recently told Brazilian outlet UOL that he hopes to get a new contract after the fight as well.

    "I'm very happy being a UFC champion. But I would like to improve my contract," Barao said.

    "Actually, an example: I know that Faber is a much older guy in the UFC, but he's not even the champion and has a much better purse than mine.

    "It is what it is, we're working for it to improve. I hope that

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  • Jon Jones is done fighting the "arrogant" tag many critics have labled him with. "I think I am. I think I am a little arrogant," the UFC light heavyweight champ said Monday.

    Jones defends his title against Glover Teixeira Saturday at UFC 172 in Baltimore. Jones became the youngest UFC champion in history over three years ago and sometimes seems to have as many vocal critics as he does ardent fans.

    Jones undoubtedly works quite hard to achieve and maintain all that he has in the sport and so used to bristle at the criticism that he was "cocky," or "arrogant." Now, the young champ has seemed to make peace with the fact that all elite athletes (elite anything for that matter) need a certain amount of selective arrogance to succeed.

    "I think it's really important. The thing about me I say all the time is, I notice that I'm full of myself and I am arrogant to some degree, but it's obviously only when it comes to talking about MMA, where literally, I do the wildest stuff," Jones said.

    As for

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  • Dana White recently bashed Phil Davis for supposedly not wanting to be a champion bad enough. How did White know that Davis didn't want to reach the top?

    Well, not for lack of any effort or apparent improvement in his fights. Rather, White dismissed Davis simply because he said the former national champion collegiate wrestler doesn't talk enough trash.

    "[Phil Davis is] one of the best light heavyweights in the world, but he doesn’t come off to me like…dude, I got guys breathing down my [expletive] neck wanting fights. I want this fight, I want a title fight, I want this I want that," White said.

    "Phil Davis is kind of like, eh. I’ll hang out around No. 4 here and meh. He’s not that guy that comes across like I [expletive] want it. Like I want to be the champ, I want to be the best in the world. He’s sort of, eh."

    Well, Davis corrected that problem this week during the UFC 172 media call. Davis fights Anthony Johnson in the co-main event this Saturday on pay per view and light

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  • It never took much for former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell to get amped enough to fight. The retired legend is the epitome of a game fighter and let his fists and shins do his talking.

    Perhaps that's why the "IceMan" says he "can't stand" the way fighters like Chael Sonnen use over the top trash talk to promote fights. Liddell likes Sonnen personally but can't get past his pro-wrestling type of antics.

    “Chael’s a nice guy. I’ve met him and hung out with him. I like him, and he’s a nice guy. I can’t stand the way he promotes fights," Liddell recently told MMA Junkie.

    “I understand what he’s doing; he wasn’t the most exciting fighter, so he made himself exciting by promoting the fight really well, and he got himself a couple of title shots for it. It works, but that whole crazy WWE-type stuff, that over-the-top stuff when you’re fighting a guy, doesn’t make sense to me, and I don’t like it.

    “But it is what it is. Some of the fans like it, and it gets people to watch

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  • Many Cagewriter readers were touched to read about Alex White's inspiring path to the UFC late last week. The fighter overcame nearly dying as a child and homelessness as an adult and ended up fighting his way into the best MMA promotion in the world.

    After White's incredible success in his UFC debut on Saturday, where he earned a first-round KO and a $50,000 Performance of the Night honors bonus check, we got even more requests to check back in with the hard-hitting featherweight.

    Like most fighters starting out in the UFC, Alex works hard at a day job. This morning, less than 48 hours removed from winning in the Octagon, Alex was back at work in Missouri.

    "There's no rest for the wicked," he jokes.

    Alex won't call them "UFC jitters" but he admits that it took him a few moments to collect himself once his first UFC bout had begun. "Yeah, I went in there and it took me a little bit to get warmed up," he says.

    "After a little bit, I was able to think to myself, 'This is what you've been

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  • There is no shortage of former teammates who say that UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem isn't a team player. Rashad Evans recently said as much after Overeem left his Blackzilians team for Team Greg Jackson/Mike Winkeljohn.

    However, If Overeem is going to be accepted at his new team, coach Mike Winkeljohn says that the Dutch fighter is going to have to have a selfless attitude. "That's just the way our camp is," Winkeljohn said during a Submission Radio interview.

    "It's first and foremost you have to help others and if you start helping other people out, if he could help other people out with his stand up and his knowledge in different positions, then the team is going to help him. If not, he will be ostracized real quick and he'll be gone."

    The striking coach went on to say that his team is a close-knit one where the culture is such that everyone lends helping hands.

    "The guys won't do it themselves or want me to be a jerk about it, which I'm usually a jerk, but it just happens that

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