5 Female Olympic Athletes to Watch

These young female athletes are all at the top of their game. Find out why they're the ones to keep your eye on during the 2012 games!

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1. Alise Post
Alise Post

Age: 21
Sport: Cycling
Her story: They don't call Alise "the Beast" for nothing! She's the first female to win all three cycling division classifications: No. 1 Girl Amateur, No. 1 Girl Amateur Cruiser, and No. 1 Girl Pro.

2. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Sport: Soccer
Her story: With her famous pink headband and long straight pony, Alex Morgan commands our attention from the field. Her stylish looks aren't all that impress, however-this kicking cutie scored goals in the semifinals and finals of last year's World Cup!
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3. Claressa Shields
Claressa Shields

Age: 17
Sport: Boxing
Her story: This summer marks the Olympic debut of Women's Boxing as a medal sport, and Claressa Shields, 17, is expected to take home one of those medals. Notified of her Olympic ticket just a few weeks ago, this feisty boxer is pumped up to fight the best of the best. She has the superstar attitude every Olympic champ needs!
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4. Julie Zetlin
Julie Zetlin

Age: 21
Her story: Although Julie has endured multiple knee injuries, she never thought about quitting gymnastics-and that perseverance earned her the gold medals in the all-around, ball, and ribbon categories at the 2011 Pan-American Games!

5. Rebecca Soni
Rebecca Soni

Age: 25
Sport: Swimming
Her story: We had our eyes on Rebecca when she won the Gold Medal in the 200m breaststroke race during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, setting a World Record. She's since graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in communications-and won both breaststroke events in the NCAA Championships to boot.
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