Kun Aguero in Y! exclusive: We can win it all this season

Yours truly with the superstar they call Kun Aguero. ( truly with the superstar they call Kun Aguero. (

He set millions of pulses racing around the world when he arrived last August and scored the crucial 94th-minute goal to win the trophy for Manchester City on the final day of a climactic Premiership season.

Barely three months later, Argentinean ace Sergio Aguero is fired up and ready to go all over again -- except this time, he wants a clean sweep of silverware, especially the UEFA Champions League.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! SEA during his side's recent visit to Malaysia, the 24-year old striker said, "My first season at Man City has been fantastic and a dream come  true. I had many expectations of the Premier League and I knew that it  would be difficult in the beginning, so I had to keep working hard."

"But now, I really want to win the Champions League with City. We can do it. We have a good squad and we have proven ourselves. We can play against the other best teams in Europe," he said confidently.

The star, who still prefers to be called by his childhood nickname 'Kun' - after 'Kun Kun', his favourite Japanese cartoon character, said he's settled in well to life in England.

"I had many friends who helped me out including Carlos  (Tevez) and Pablo (Zabaleta), and they made me feel welcome and part of  the squad. So settling in has been easy, and I am very happy that my  goals have helped the team," said the star striker.

Interestingly, despite spending more than a year in England, Kun still  speaks very little English and prefers conversing  in his native  Spanish.  In Manchester, he frequently relies on  translators to help  him but was relieved to be able to speak his first language in this interview.

In his first season at the Stadium of Light, Kun has scored 30 times in 48 appearances. In between, he also created 10 assists for his teammates.

His impressive performance saw him picking up various individual accolades,  including Manchester  City's "Player of the Year" and "Goal of the Season" awards for his screamer   against Norwich City in April.

Interestingly, his stocky build, agility and sharpness on the ball has led Roberto Mancini to compare him to football's former greats such as Romario.

Critics back in his home country of Argentina have even compared his style to his own 'suegro' (father-in-law), Maradona.

Aguero is married to football legend Maradona's youngest daughter, Giannina.Aguero is married to football legend Maradona's youngest daughter, Giannina.


The striker, who was part of Manchester City's squad that recently toured Beijing and Malaysia, was quick to admit that his football legend father-in-law, does indeed play a significant role in his life.

Aguero is married to Maradona's youngest daughter, Giannina, who gave birth to the couple's first son in 2009, when he was still at Atletico Madrid.

"I talk to Maradona a lot and he rings me up all the time to check on me and Benjie (his grandson)," Aguero said with a grin.

"He gives great advice, not just about football, fitness and how I should play, but also about other important matters. He is always there for us -- it's great."

He and wife's relationship has been frequently documented in Argentinean tabloids and has weathered its share of storms, including rumours that he cheated on her with a model in the same year.

But when it was reported that city rivals Real Madrid were interested in prizing him away from their rivals in 2010, Aguero refused to listen to his father-in-law's advice to join Jose Mourinho's new project at the Bernabeu.

"I had great memories with Atletico especially after we won the Super Cup (in 2010) but I could not betray them by joining (Real Madrid). I wanted to play in the Premiership -- it was a personal goal of mine, and I felt that I was ready for it," Aguero explained.

At  international level, Kun has scored 15 goals for Argentina and also has big plans for the future.

"We have some of the best players in the national team and preparations have been great so far. I hope we can do well in Brazil and try to win the World Cup there because it would mean a lot to our people (the rivalry). There is still time, but I'm confident that we are improving," he said.


Kun was also excited to share his thoughts about Southeast Asia.

"It's a very different experience for me coming here, seeing our fans and experiencing the culture here because many of us had heard so much about Asia, but never experienced it. Now we have, and we're amazed!" he admitted.

"The affection of the fans we've seen so far has been fantastic. Knowing that they support you every week from so far away, despite the time differences, keeps me motivated constantly."

Motivated enough to be next season's Premiership's top scorer, Kun?

"Quizás!" (perhaps) he says with a laugh.

Ash Hashim is a journalist also known as Futbolita, "The Female Football Voice" and has interviewed many of the world's top football personalities. Visit her site here.