United and Sunderland stars hit by shirt blunder

Manchester United's new 'Gingham tablecloth' kit divided fans when it was originally unveiled, but after seeing it in Premier League action for the first time the shirts have now received a general thumbs-up - all except the one worn by United's Brazilian star Anderson.

Or should we say 'Andesron'? Somebody in the Manchester United dressing room certainly thinks so.

Not that United were the only culprits this weekend. Sunderland midfielder McClean might have been one of the Black Cats' best players last season, but that doesn't make him immune from somebody on the staff missing one of the 'Cs' in his name, as our video shows.

Now nobody is knocking those who face difficulties with spelling - far from it, we have the deepest sympathy for those who struggle with words. Indeed, many of you may have noticed on these very pages that from time to time we share those struggles.

We're just saying that putting a dyslexic staff member in charge of stencilling names onto the backs of shirts probably isn't the best idea.

Andesron and McLean weren't the first and won't be the last to suffer, however, as names have been spelt wrong ever since they first started getting put on the backs of shirts in the 1990s.

Roque Santa Cruz and David Bentley have both suffered (becoming 'Satna Cruz' and 'Betnley') while David Beckham's shirt for the 1997 Charity Shield was missing its 'H'.

But while we can forgive a bit of cack-handed stencilling, it's harder to forgive Crystal Palace's epic blunder from the 2004-05 season. The clubs's name itself was spelt wrong on the shirt badge, making the South London club look foolish and giving rise to the famous fan chant, "There's only one 'H' in Palace."