Is this the worst penalty miss ever?

Re-posted from Yahoo! UK Eurosport

The Austrian top flight doesn't often find itself in the spotlight of world football, but Red Bull Salzburg's Jonathan Soriano changed all that this weekend.

He lit up the league with a truly cataclysmic penalty miss:

The blunder came at a critical moment in his side's home clash against fellow title hopefuls Rapid Vienna.

Vienna were leading their hosts 2-0 going into the final 10 minutes when a foul gave Spaniard Soriano the chance to pull one back for Salzburg - and maybe allow them to go on and score again to snatch a point.

Whether it was the pressure of the situation or just tired legs late in the game, we'll never know - but something in former Barcelona player Soriano snapped. Instead of smashing the ball into the bottom corner, he did his level best to boot the bag of wind clean out of the stadium.

Sadly, the footage does not show whether he actually succeeded in getting the ball into the car park, but it's safe to say that only the fact that all three subs had already been used kept Soriano from being hauled off for an early shower.

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