Red Bull World concept store to open in Singapore next year

Mark Webber wishes he can have more time with his fans (Photo by Tony Lim)


If you are looking for more memorabilia to show your support for Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, you can head down to the Red Bull Racing pop-up store at Orchard Central before the end of Sunday. This is a prelude to the Red Bull World concept store, which will be opening in Singapore next year.

This will be the second Red Bull World concept store in the world, with the first one in Salzburg, Austria. Red Bull is known for its worldwide team of high-performance athletes, so the purpose of Red Bull World is to showcase the entire Red Bull world in a retail environment.

Red Bull apparel, accessories, memorabilia, team wear from Red Bull Racing and Red Bull New York, as well as the Athletes' Collection with pieces the various Red Bull sportsmen and women will be available. Designs from Red Bull Records and albums under this music label will also be available.

Attending this Red Bull World pre-launch event were Vettel and Webber, who arrived to huge crowds of screaming fans who filled the atrium at Orchard Central on Thursday evening.

Commenting on the superstar treatment in a media interview back in the paddock after the event, Webber said, "It was a little bit chaotic… Some countries like Italy and Spain have fans who are very passionate and Singapore is the same. They are very keen to see us and I think there was a lot of Australians in the crowd so it made it quite intense for my purposes. It was great to see all of them."

He also added, "It's great to see that in F1, the drivers are a huge part of why the sport is so popular. The only downside is we can't see everybody. That's the problem — if we stop at one place, then those on another side get disappointed. We got to keep moving because if we don't stop it will cause more congestion and some people can actually get injured."

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