Poland’s sexiest fan at Euro 2012?

Hello, world. Poland's sexy answer to Larissa Riquelme. (Photo: Divulgacao)Hello, world. Poland's sexy answer to Larissa Riquelme. (Photo: Divulgacao)

Remember Larissa Riquelme, the Paraguayan model who shot to worldwide fame at the 2010 World Cup after photos of her mobile phone cleavage baring antics went viral?

Well, there's now a Polish model who's trying to one-up her at Euro 2012.

The hottest girl in the stands right now is Natalia Siwiec, a Polish model that's trying very hard to get famous.

No mobile phone spotted between her cleavage, but judging her from her photos, she'd have no problem finding the extra support if her phone did need a new resting place.

The model, who's a celebrity within Poland, is also doing a good job marketing herself.

Her personal website describes her as being 1.70m- tall and weighing 47 kilos. She's also trying very hard to make sure she comes across as a beauty with brains.

The description of the Polish bombshell's resume and experience, which quotes from a book by author Melvin Burgess, reads like this:

"I want it so when people look at me they think things they've never thought before — they think things they never even knew they were capable of thinking. It's art. You look at it, and maybe it annoys the hell out of you because you can never understand it. Maybe there's nothing to understand, but it's fascinating anyway."

"And all the time, right on the edge of your mind, there's thoughts lurking like wild animals, and feelings you never felt. You can't work them out, you don't know if it's monsters or angels and you're frightened of understanding because they might just burst out and change your whole life. Your whole life!"

Go figure.

Poland's Natalia Siwiec -- set to be the sexy face of Euro 2012? (Photo: Divulgação)Poland's Natalia Siwiec -- set to be the sexy face of Euro 2012? (Photo: Divulgação)