My moment with… Frank Lampard

Chelsea fan Wu Zhi Qin won a free trip to meet Frank Lampard in Stamford Bridge (photo courtesy of Wu Zhi Qin)Chelsea fan Wu Zhi Qin won a free paid trip to meet Frank Lampard in Stamford Bridge (photo courtesy of Wu Zhi …

Who: Chelsea fan Wu Zhi Qin, 16

Why do you support Chelsea?

Zhi Qin: I actually got to know Chelsea through the game, FIFA 2008. Back then, when I knew nothing about football or clubs, I had to randomly pick a club to play with, and of course I wanted to choose the best one. Even though there were the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid, this particular club called Chelsea caught my eye. The club crest was so stylish, they had handsome world-class players like Didier Drogba and John Terry, and the blue jersey back then was simply stunning. I went along with the club and in time, I fell in love with it and that's when it all started.

How long have you been supporting the team?

Zhi Qin: It has been almost 5 years. On my birthday, which is in July, I plan to celebrate half a decade of being a hardcore fan of my favourite club in the world.

When and where was the photos with Frank Lampard taken?

Zhi Qin: I took this picture with him very recently in late April, 2012. I took part in a lucky draw, where the prize was an all-expense paid trip to Stamford Bridge in London. With terribly good luck, I won it and went there with my father as a guest. During a tour of Stamford Bridge, the host brought us to the players' changing room to meet Frank Lampard in person. After having a brief chat with a handful of other lucky fans who won this prize as well, we had a photo-taking session and I let the staff use my cell phone to take a picture of me with the man. To be able to meet and take a photo with my favourite player in the world is the best feeling ever!

What did you say to him during the photo-taking?

Zhi Qin: Before I went to Stamford Bridge, I actually planned to give him something nice to make the meeting meaningful, since I might never get the chance to see him again. Before I took the photo with him, I presented him with the official football that is going to be used for the upcoming Euro 2012. I put it in his hands and wished him and the England team the very best of luck for the tournament. The other fans applauded Frank Lampard and I for the surprise, and I could tell from his expression that he was very touched by my act. He gave me a firm handshake and thanked me for such a heartwarming gift. Up till today, that experience still cheers me up whenever I think of it.

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