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I've never understood how people can pay such close attention to their phones, laptops, tablets or whatever other gadgets they have with them while watching a UAAP basketball game live. Whether it's the MOA Arena, the Araneta Coliseum, Ultra or even the Blue Eagle Gym, I always seem to get so engrossed in the action. It's a combination of a lot of things: the sound of the drums blaring from General Admission; seeing the reactions of the overly emotional Gang Green or ADMU alumni (whom I refer to as the subjects of the Eagle God); watching the UP Pep Squad receive cheers, even from the opponent; and, if you're seated in Patron, at least, witnessing every single emotion from the players and coaches. So yes, how one constantly minds one's phone inside the venue is beyond me. And even more so, unless of course you're a sports writer or part of the media, non-stop Tweeting just seems completely insane.

For the first time this season, however, I was unable to spend my past weekend at the MOA Arena. Not being able to  catch the Fighting Maroons' game against the FEU Tamaraws live, I parked myself in front of the television, logged on to Twitter and proceeded to see what people were saying about the game that was going on. Watching from home, I wouldn't be as distracted anyway, I told myself - or so I thought.

The Twitter account of the UP Fighting Maroons (@UPMaroons) gives news and updates about all of UP's varsity teams, not just the Men's Basketball Team. I particularly like how they retweet tweets of those who mention them or use the hashtag #UPFight. This makes their account very interactive. From time to time as the game was going on, I would look at their profile or click on the hashtag to check out the latest buzz.

Besides the painful loss (the cause of which I do not want to remember and detail, because it just makes me sad and annoyed), Tweeps had a lot to say about the Maroons' overall performance both in the game against the Tamaraws and the season, so far. I found some very interesting tweets. Some of them cracked me up, some threw me off, and the rest, well, let's just say, at least to me, did not make sense at all. Not including the latter, I've compiled some of my favorite ones below.

Tweets from UP tweeps.

There is one dominant thought I got from reading what people were saying online — UP student or alumni or not. And I sincerely hope that this is something the boys will realize and appreciate. Even though some people poke fun at what has become the stereotype of the UP Men's Basketball Team, the support for and faith people have in them this season is overwhelming.

It's as if the whole basketball fan congregation has rallied behind the underdogs, not out of pity but the belief that one day, the Maroons will get a break. After all, with how well they have been playing, no one can say that they haven't improved, that they don't play as a cohesive unit, that they don't have talented players, that they give up in the dying minutes. No. Because finally, FINALLY, Coach Ricky Dandan's mantra of being mind strong and heart strong are proving to be the ideals with which the Maroons play. One can only hope that the basketball gods will finally gift them with a win. Or two. Or three.

Apart from wins this season, I have another wish for the Maroons — that their supporters on Twitter show that same enthusiasm by attending the boys' games. And maybe broadcast their tweets on banners, while they're at it.

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