The NU Cheer Squadron: the unsung (and unseen) heroes

The NU Cheer Squadron practicing their routine. (Screen grab from video taken by Jessica Constantino)

Almost every day, when the clock reaches 4:00pm, there is always a noise at the NU Activity Area.

Chants of "B-U-L-L-D-O-G!" can be heard from a group of NU students. These are not just ordinary students who want to have fun and recite the National U moniker. They are the National University Cheer Squadron, practicing their yells day after day.

Also known as The Boosters, they are not as visible as the NU Pep Squad, but they are a source of NU school spirit just the same. They don't perform on center court at halftime, but if you look up into the bleachers, you can see them standing (and even jumping) in the Upper A level of the MOA Arena or at the Upper B of the Big Dome. Wearing their white long sleeves sweater-like uniform with gold and blue design, regardless of the temperature in the venue, the Cheer Squadron all scream their hearts out when Bobby Ray Parks or Emmanuel Mbe makes a slam, or when Mark de Guzman steals the leather from the opponent.

They rejoice when the Bulldogs win a battle. They are also upset when the team is down. They are outraged when one player falls on the floor. They are delighted when the team scores.

The Boosters are the number one provider of the team's energy. They may be few in number compared to other universities, yet they never fail to lift the NU community's morale. And no matter how bad a day it may be for their beloved team, they will always lead them as they sing the school's hymn with pride.

And now for the upcoming UAAP Season 75 Cheerdance Competition, the NU Cheer Squadron will be there to do their part and give their support to their very own NU Pep Squad.

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"Kung ano yung binibigay naming suporta sa men's basketball team naten, mas todo at solid ang suporta na ibibigay namin sa pep squad." (Whatever support we are giving to the men's basketball team, we will make sure that we will also be all-out in supporting our pep squad)," said Cheer Squadron Coach, Jerome Daza.

Daza emphasizes that this competition will be their own battle as well, as he explains "Kung baga sa basketball, chinicheer namin ung mga players dahil sila yung nakikipag laban para sa school natin, sa cheerdance kami ang lalaban, for our school." (If in basketball, we are cheering for the players because they are the ones who are playing for our school, here [in CDC] we are the ones who will fight for our school.)

Daza's squadron will do their best in the bleachers while the Pep Squad will handle the show on center stage. And as part of their preparation, they have been practicing new chants every day, loud and clear. Daza also had a chance to witness the routines of the Pep Squad, and says they are "stunning and breath-taking."

So let's see how the NU Pep Squad together with the NU Cheer Squadron will dazzle the crowd on Saturday, September 22, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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