Babble Girl Patricia Que blazes a trail

Patricia Que is the only female member of the Blue Babble Battalion. (Photo courtesy of Juan Benjamin Janeo)

Early in the school year, it's a normal sight to see a couple of people running around in silly attire, shouting their lungs out along Sec Walk as part of their initiation into Ateneo's Blue Babble Battalion. Some of them even have to walk up to total strangers and ask the most random questions. That's exactly what happened while I was having lunch with a couple friends in JSEC months ago.

A girl wearing a huge illustration board with a bunch of scribbles (that were also on her face and arms) went up to one my friends, asked something then went on and did the same to another table. That was the first time I noticed Patricia Que.

At the time, I thought she was trying out to be one of the cheer dancers but when UAAP season came about, pictures of Patricia in Battalion uniform — not cheer dance uniform - were all over my newsfeed in Facebook.

Up until this year, I thought that the Battalion was exclusively for guys but apparently, it isn't. Patricia's the first female member of the BBB since 2001 and only the third in BBB history. A freshman taking up Communication and Technology Management, she was already familiar with the BBB from watching UAAP games with her Dad who happens to be an Ateneo alumnus.

Upon seeing the sign-up sheets for the try-outs she asked if she could try out for the Battalion but was told that it was only for guys and was advised to sign up for the cheer dancers. "A week after, the captain Kaloy texted me and asked if I was still interested and I told him yes."

"I went through the same dares during the day then late afternoon the physical tests. That was Monday to Friday. They told us we'd get a text early morning Saturday. I was in Ateneo studying and it was getting late na and I was getting scared because I didn't get a text yet. Then suddenly my phone buzzed. I only saw a part of the message first, it was Kaloy saying, "your efforts weren't enough…" so I opened it right away then it said that, but after it said, "Joke! Kitakits McDo!"

Comments on photos of Patricia that were posted by various Ateneo-related Facebook pages said, "Bad-ass", "Angas nito!" along with a whole bunch of congratulations and hundreds of likes.

"I didn't see it right away. Then they told me, "Uy, daming likes sa Facebook!" I was intrigued then I checked it out. I was surprised because there were so many shares and likes. My Dad was excited for me, my family's very supportive, and my friends, napa-wow sila."

Being the only girl in a group of guyshas brought about subtle changes within the Battalion. For instance, the boys in the Battalion become more like gentlemen with Patricia around.

"I think they changed a bit when it comes to guy talk... their jokes (laughs). But I get left out in some exercises like the push-ups. I use my knees, girl push-ups!"

Prior to the interview, I thought Patricia would be loud and out there but she's actually got a sweet voice with hints of shyness. "People expect me to be loud and walang hiya but I actually have to push myself."

Apart from Babble, Patricia likes art. She paints and also likes taking pictures. But just like other Ateneo athletes, Babble takes up most of her time. "It's been really fun. The best part is having the Babble family because I'm first-year and I'm adjusting and I can say that when I started, it really helped a lot with my confidence. Even with my studies, they offer to tutor me, ask me about my exams constantly. Like family."

Support Ateneo's Blue Babble Battalion at this year's Cheer Dance Competition this Saturday, September 22 at the MOA Arena.

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