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  • CHICAGO – Once again, it appears as if the rest of the NBA has caught up to the postseason version of the Chicago Bulls, those noted regular-season thrashers. And the Washington Wizards appear to have turned a corner that could put them in the second round for just the third time since Ronald Reagan’s first term in the town they play in.

    The Wizards will return to that home with a 2-0 series lead over Chicago, following their gritty 101-99 overtime win on Tuesday evening. The Wizards erased a 10-point deficit to force overtime and once again encourage Chicago into moving away from its offensive bread and butter – a decidedly modest bread and butter, to be sure, but one that helped the Bulls secure the first-round home-court advantage they relinquished during Sunday’s Game 1.

    To be sure, Washington earned that home-court turnaround, utilizing a defense that ranked in the top 10 during the regular season to pressure Chicago into tough, guard-dominated offensive play. Because Chicago’s

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  • The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls entered 2013-14 as championship contenders. At various points during the autumn and winter they were the darlings of the NBA. Both teams began the postseason with aspirations to knock off the two-time defending champion Miami Heat. They boast the two best defenses in the NBA, and they’re working against two limited teams in Atlanta and Washington that few gave a nod to as first-round victors.

    On Tuesday, both Indiana and Chicago will be fighting to save their seasons. Even in a best-of-seven series, it’s astonishing what one misspent game will cost you.

    Atlanta demolished Indiana in Game 1, while Washington took out the X-acto knife to take apart Chicago. Both lower-seeded teams took each contest on the road, and neither victory came off as a fluke. This is why many see Tuesday night’s Game 2s as coin flips of sorts, with Atlanta having decided matchup advantages against Indiana, and Washington somehow aping Chicago’s defensive intensity and

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