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  • How They Got Here

    Cleveland: It should have been a typical first round series. Hell, had the thing taken place in 1995, we wouldn’t be “here” at all. Boston would have been out in three. Game 4 never would have happened.

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    The Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics engaged in a routine, one-sided blowout sweep that featured a championship contender going up against a young upstart that truly shouldn’t have even made it into the playoff bracket. Most prognosticators seemed to agree that Boston shouldn’t have taken a single game, and though the C’s made it close early in Game 1, the series was neither compelling nor all that threatening to Cleveland’s championship chances.

    Boston did well to not be totally blown out of the water, but the single-digit losses in Games 2, 3 and 4 weren’t really telling. Cleveland owned this series, toying with a game Boston club while biding its time until an over-.500 opponent could show up.

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  • Tony Allen – Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard, sainted King of All Things Gritty and Grindy – will not cede his court-space for anyone.

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    Least of all you punk kids, with all your dancing and bebopping:

    The Golden State Warriors crowd, denied a chance to watch an adorable children’s dance routine, understandably booed heartily:

    Allen, to his credit, seemed to realize his misstep and give one of the kids a bit of dap:

    "I thought they were done," Allen said afterward, according to Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears. "Obviously, they weren't. But like I said, it's all about right now. I'm focusing in on Game 2. I'm not really worried about what the crowd is talking about."

    Nor did the crowd's booing seem to bother him.

    "They don't even understand that I'm not even worried," Allen said. "I'm not expecting them to give me a round of applause either. I'm just out here competing. I am looking forward to the defensive
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