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  • Five fears of formerly fat people

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    I know what its like to be a fat kid. I was in the TAF (trim and fit) club all through secondary school, that means no recess, run around the track and have a piece of watermelon. I also loved eating. Food just tastes good to me - and still does.

    After training and eating consistently well for close to twenty years now, my fat kid days are behind me, but it took me some knowledge and effort to put my fat kid mindset and mistakes behind me.

    Today the Genesis Gym Singapore team and I help at least a thousand clients each year with their fitness goals and a large percentage of these clients want to become "former fat boys/girls". I.e their main goal is fat loss.

    Once they have stated on the road to their goals, there can be mental roadblocks and fears along the way that we need to help them overcome for them to achieve the best possible result.

    Here are some of these fears and frustrations and how we help clients overcome them.

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    1. Fear of eating more

    Some of the clients we work with have

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  • How to stay consistently fit and healthy even while travelling

    What do you think one of the biggest differences between a professional athlete and an amateur one is? (Besides one -- usually -- getting paid and the other not!)

    While there may be many possible answers, one I can think of is "Consistency".

    For example, I like playing basketball and I'm decent at it. While practicing alone, I may hit 5 out of 10 shots from the three-point line. And a person who doesn't practice much may even, by luck, hit 1 out of 10.;

    But a professional playing in the NBA can hit 9 or even 10 out of 10 shots when practicing without any opposition. This is a big difference in consistency.

    During our fitness bootcamps and personal training at Singapore's Genesis Gym we do strive for consistency of results for our clients. That means we try to help each one of them form healthy lifestyle habits that will help them toward their health and fitness goals.

    But one big hiccup for Singaporeans is the need to travel for work. It's one thing to try to stay healthy while eating

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